ScrumpBot Discord Bot

The only bot for all your Discord needs!

Hundreds of unique and exciting features, all at your fingertips!

ScrumpBot is a feature-packed Discord bot, built by a server owner, for other server owners.
Scrumpy, the developer of ScrumpBot, has been on Discord for over 6 years, managing Discord communities for at least the past 4. As a result of this experience in both development and community management, she knows exactly what server owners need. So welcome to the only bot you'll ever need, welcome to ScrumpBot.

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You can find a full list of ScrumpBot commands by typing @ScrumpBot help in your server, though below you can find a brief overview of the most popular commands & features!

Ping on join

@ScrumpBot pingonjoin #channel (once to enable, again to disable)
This feature is super simple but super powerful! Whenever a new member joins your server, ScrumpBot will automatically ping them in the provided channel(s), encouraging them to read & check out the channel!
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Emoji management

@ScrumpBot steal :emoji: emoji_name
@ScrumpBot steal-these :emoji_1: :emoji_2: :emoji_3: ...
@ScrumpBot deleteemoji :emoji:
Steal your favourite emojis from servers that you're in -- ScrumpBot doesn't even need to be in the servers that the emojis are from! Magic, I know.
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Invite Tracking

@ScrumpBot invitelog #channel
@ScrumpBot invites @member
@ScrumpBot inviteleaderboard
Setup a channel to track which invites members are joining through and check who's invited the most people!
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@ScrumpBot help roleplay
Literally too many roleplay commands to list! Check out some examples below though :)
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Interactive Giveaway Setup

@ScrumpBot gstart
@ScrumpBot help giveaway
A super-duper-simple giveaway setup and management system!
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Sticky Messages

@ScrumpBot stickyadd #channel Sticky message text here!
@ScrumpBot stickyremove #channel
Sticky messages are a w e s o m e — every time a member sends a message in #channel, ScrumpBot will automatically send your sticky message, deleting the previously sent one!
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