Use the roleplay commands
Manage your servers automod rules super easily
Gamify your chat channels with chart-based engagement rewards
Host & create giveaways
Setup the servers leveling module
Check your or another users' rank
Check the servers leaderboard
Ping new users when they join your server
Manage and set your reminders
Setup a sticky message on your server
Setup a button role menu
Supercharge your servers emoji management
Automatically assign roles to new members
Create new threads on each new message in a channel!
Unarchive all forum posts!
Keep a thread unarchived no matter the auto-archive time
Mark a channel as unread every 10 mintues
Enforce emoji-only mode in a channel
Enforce image-only mode in a channel
Setup a suggestion channel in your server
Log a users' used invite code when they join
Count the number of unique badges in your server
Use meme commands
Give / view a users rep
Manage your servers roles
View a servers information
Check a members invite codes & uses
See who's invited the most members to your server
Lookup server information based on its invite
Join our support server
Vote for Scrump!
Create a reaction poll!
See when you or someone else joined a server
Invite Scrump to your server
See your or another members' avatar
Send a random discussion topic
View information about a user
Check Scrumps ping
Marry a user
Check the cyrpto price of your favourite tokens
Ship two users together
View your servers statistics
Check a stock price
View a tiktok accounts information